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Train accident in Mannheim leaves dozens injured

A private freight train has rammed into a EuroCity passenger line in the southwest German city of Mannheim, leaving dozens injured. There were no fatalities, according to authorities.

A freight train operated by the company ERS Railways sideswiped a EuroCity line at Mannheim's central station on Friday, knocking over two of the passenger train's cabins with 110 people on board.

EuroCity 216 was on its way from the Austrian city of Graz to the southwest German city of Saarbrücken. The freight train was travelling from the western German city of Duisburg to Sopron in Hungary when it rammed into the passenger train.

Forty people suffered light injures in the accident while five were seriously injured, according to a spokesman for Mannheim's fire department. The spokesman said that the accident likely would have been worse, had the trains not been travelling at a slow speed due to their proximity to the central station.

It's unclear what exactly caused the collision. Mannheim's central station was closed after the accident. Deutsche Bahn has set up a hotline for the families of those injured: 0800-3-111-111.

slk/av (AFP, dpa)