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Indien Ramadan in Kalkutta (DW/P. Samanta )

Eid celebrations across the globe

Travel rush in Bangladesh

Al-Nuri-Moschee Islamic State Conflict - Mossul (Picture alliance/NurPhoto/S. Backhaus)

Historic mosque of Mosul destroyed by "IS"

Bringing back a prehistoric fish

Future of food in Germany

06.17. Germany Decides Picture-Teaser Englisch

#GermanyDecides - DW on tour in Wegscheid

"Freedom for men!"

Court to decide owner of Hitler's house

Qatar's censorship in Berlin

Jaafars Vlog #24: "I want to preserve my fatherland"

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Stills Global 3000 - Tanzania Serengeti (DW/Inga Sieg)

Serengeti – The Fight For Living Space

Stills Global 3000 - Philippinen Entzug (NDR)

Philippines: Addicts and Withdrawal

Stills Global 3000 - Heroin USA (DW)

America's Opioid Epidemic

Stills Global 3000 - Polizei Mexiko (NDR)

Mexico: Women's Power Against Corruption

Screenshot DW Biodiversität Südafrika Kühllaster (DW)

Cold transport goes green

Screenshot DW Global Snack Kirgistan (DW)

Global Snack Kyrgyzstan: lepyoshka


Clean water for Argentina's children

Screenshot NDR Israel Gay Pride (NDR)

Breaking free of ultra-orthodox communities

Screenshot NDR Wael Shawky Puppentheater (NDR)

Europe through an Arab lens