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China Seidenstraße London-Jiwu (Getty Images/AFP/I. Infantes)

Modern day Silk Road

Protesters storm Macedonian parliament

Open Air Library in Berlin: Read and learn

Symbolbild Weinendes Baby (picture-alliance/dpa)

"Stop excluding children!"

Several arrested in London anti-terror raids

Venezuelan President defies international powers

Venezuelans turn to crowdfunding to leave the country

Alfred's last journey

Protecting the environment with wine

From soda can to cooking pot

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Global 3000 - Kind vor Schachbrett in Uganda (WDR)

Uganda's chess queen from the slums

Global 3000 - Luchs im Kosovo (DW)

Kosovo: Balkan lynxes and cowslips

Global 3000 - Die Imamin (DW)

Female imams in Copenhagen

DW Global 3000 - Frau am Steuer (DW)

Argentina: Succeeding in a man's world

DW Global 3000 - Indien (DW)

Power to Indian women entrepreneurs

Global Ideas Teaser (Jürgen Schneider)

More veterinarians for livestock in Malawi

DW Global 3000 - Girl Hype (DW)

South Africa: Teaching girls IT programming

DW Global 3000 - Wasserpumpe Nepal (Siemens Stiftung)

Water for Nepalese farmers

DW Global 3000 - Togo Flusspferde (Thomas Mandlmeier)

Hippo conservation in Togo