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Manta ray swims through plastic in Southeast Asia

Fokus Gibraltar (DW)

Brexit is worrying Gibraltar

Fokus Ungarn Zaun (DW)

Stuck in Serbia

Angela Merkel EU Flaggen Brüssel (picture-alliance/dpa/AP Photo/O.Matthys)

The EU is still waiting for Germany

Frankreich Hauptquartier der Sozialistischen Partei in Paris (Getty Images/AFP/L. Bonaventure)

France's Socialists look for new strategies

Außerordentlicher SPD-Parteitag
a Abstimmung (Reuters/W. Rattay)

Will they or won't they?

09.2015 DW Focus on Europe (Sendungslogo)

Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People

#MessageBackHome: My wish for Syria

BIG ISSUE: Skin Bleaching

Guinea: A blogger's fight for more freedom of expression

My City: Accra

What Else Episode 12: Traditional Food

BIG ISSUE: Skin Bleaching

Deadly church shooting in Russia

US indicts 13 Russians over election tampering

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DW Global 3000 (DW/Michael Altenhenne)

Ecuador: Feast à la Amazon

DW Global 3000 (SWR)

Jordan: Women in the male world of construction

DW Global 3000 (UN-TV)

Seychelles: Saving the coral reefs

DW Global 3000 (NDR)

China: No more foreign garbage

Berlin Globals: Kathleen Bird from the US

DW Global 3000 - Hamid Sulaikam (DW)

Berlin Globals: Hamid Sulaiman from Syria

Berlin Global 3000 Eddie Chu (DW)

Berlin Globals: Eddie Chung from Hong Kong

DW Global 3000 (WDR)

Russia: The boom in psychic healers

Global 3000 Obdachlos in den USA (DW)

Homeless in the US