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The Green Cross of Venezuela

Taiwan says "yes" to gay marriage

Indonesien öffentliche Bestrafung einer Frau in Banda Aceh (Reuters/Beawiharta)

Gay couple caned in Indonesia

Ivanka praises Saudi Arabia's progress on women's rights

Ringling Bros Barnum und Bailey Circus (Getty Images/B. Bennett)

Ringling Bros Circus.: The show won't go on

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Tehran after the election: A night to remember

Indonesian slum turns into "rainbow village"

Controversy over Israeli minister's dress at Cannes

Yemen: Cholera outbreak affects children most

Emmanuel Macron Paris (Reuters/G.Fuentes)

Macron's gender balanced cabinet

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Holding back the desert

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In vitro fertilization in Iran

Indien Bempu ( Siemens Stiftung)

A bracelet to save babies in India

Kenia Kamelklinik (NDR)

The mobile camel clinic

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Grenada: Biogas made in jail

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Global Snack: Seafood pies from Sète

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India’s hidden cow trade

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Coltan and human rights in Congo

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Kosovo: Balkan lynxes and cowslips