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My picture of the week (DW)

My picture of the week | Kelly's face-palm at the UN

Come on ladies, let's vote!

Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh (Reuters/M.P. Hossain)

Exiled blogger documents Rohingya suffering

Is English too widely spoken in Berlin?

#SaveBialowieza forest in Poland

Hunger strike against scrapping DACA

Rally to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia

Echt! This is my parking spot!

Berlin AFD Pk mit Beatrix von Storch und Nigel Farage (picture-alliance/dpa/K. Nietfeld)

Farage rallies for the far-right AfD of Germany

My picture of the week - Rohingyas (DW/Reuters/M. P. Hossain)

My picture of the week | The stateless Rohingyas

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Global 3000 Bio Senegal (DW)

Senegal – Uniting through climate change

Global 3000 BigData (DW)

Big Data: A danger for democracy?

Global 3000 Srða Popovic (DW

Nonviolent resistance – how does it work?

Global 3000 Olof Palme (H. Hemlin)

Almedalen Week: The Swedish model

Global 3000 Tunesien Demokratie (DW)

Tunisia – a struggling young democracy

Global 3000 - Elfenbeinküste Karneval (SWR)

Gay in the Ivory Coast

Global 3000 - Amatonas Regenwald (SWR)

Cutting Down the Rain Forest

Global 3000 - Taiwan Gleichberechtigung (NDR)

Gay Marriage in Taiwan

Mosambik Arche (DW)

Repopulating Wildlife Parks in Mozambique