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Drone images show thousands of Rohingya fleeing

Videoserie Dear Germany K. (Springer/DW)

'Germany gives us no real chance'

Videoserie Dear Germany Jasur Mammadov (Springer/DW)

'You're a true friend of press freedom'

Videoserie Dear Germany Okile Ebokorait (Springer/DW)

'Peace and security are not everything'

Shakila Ibrahimkhail (privat)

'Journalism became my love story'

Videoserie Dear Germany Bilal Eid (Springer/DW)

'Sometimes you don't make any sense'

Scores killed in Mogadishu bomb blast

Shooting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Ehe für alle - Erstes Paar heiratet in Berlin (picture-alliance/dpa/B. Pedersen)

First gay marriage in Germany

Stampede at Mumbai railway station

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India: Elderly women learn to read

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Renewable energy on El Hierro

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Global snack: Mexican oysters

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Working in paradise: Bali's digital nomads

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Humanitarian corridor: Asylum in Italy

Suriname Faultier (DW)

Suriname: Rescuing sloths

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Syria: The Battle for Raqqa

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Herring – a tasty snack from Sweden

Türkei Zensur Global 3000 (SWR)

Turkey: Artistic freedom or self-censorship