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Sticky tick-protein

The super rubber called Resilin enables the tiny spiders to hold on to their prey  

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Paris Air Show 2017 takes off

The Paris Air Show is where aviation companies from around the world gather to show off their latest toys. Even the French president seemed to have been dazzled by the display.  

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Wörter der Woche | Jein (Colourbox/Alltopress/L. Mouton)

Do plants have emotions?


Brexit and science

Symbolbild EU Großbritanien Flaggen (Getty Images/AFP/O. Scarff)

The Science Magazine

Bosnien - Luftverschmutzung (F. Kravac/Klix.ba)

Where does fine dust come from?

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India from space

The European Space Agency's Copernicus Sentinel satellite brings us breathtaking pictures of India from space.  

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