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Latest Business Videos

Property market booming in Soweto

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Property market booming in Soweto

Can labor market reform save France’s economy?

Labor protests in Paris turn violent

Sales of new Airbus planes aren't taking off

VW opens up about impact of Dieselgate

Skipping meals: Venezuela’s economic crisis

Japan corporations embrace industrial revolution

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Beijing auto show 2016

Cars, cars, cars!

Whether it's pushing speed and performance boundaries, or redefining expectations of luxury and technology, carmakers have gathered in Beijing to boost their share of China's growing market.

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China Peking Automesse Mercedes-Benz

China’s hip, young car buyers

VW in China

VW shines in China

China Peking Automesse BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car and a new BMW i3 electric car

Carmakers unveil larger models in China

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The week in review

Watch a summery of business events!