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10.2015 Africa on the Move Themenheader

Ivory Coast: Entrepreneur with a mission

Marie Konaté is an enterpreneur with a mission. She buys only local products and half her workforce are women. She sells porridge for babies and other food products. 

Central Africa

West Africa

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The toothpaste painter from Guinea-Bissau

Kampf gegen Malaria in Burkina Faso (Cécilia Conan)

Can an anti-malaria soap save lives?

Geochelone carbonara (picture alliance/Arco Images/Sunbird)

Saving Cape Verde's turtles

New comic books feature African superheroes

Dance school in the sands of Senegal

Afrika Obama besucht Kenia (Getty Images/AFP/S. Maina)

Saving babies from HIV in Burkina Faso

Videostill - Ivory Coast Cartoons (DW/M. Bölinger)

Bringing animation to Africa

Symbolbild Moderne Sklaverei Menschenhandel Ghana (picture-alliance/dpa/T. Ridley)

Ghana's hidden child slaves

Africa on the Move is a multimedia series documenting the lives of amazing people in Sub-Saharan-Africa. We focus on the change makers who use their energy and skills to lift up their communities and their continent.

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Southern Africa

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Proudly South African: Artist Loyiso Mkize

Antilope Kudu Kruger National Park (Getty Images/AFP/R.Arangua)

Female rangers fight poaching in Mozambique

New market, traditional skills

Angola: Fighting for press freedom

Still DW Sendung Africa on the move

Laughing matters: Comedy in Zimbabwe

AoM Mozambique Mafalala Tours

Exploring Mozambique's history in Mafalala

Young South Africans making cities safer

The Angolan rapper MC Kappa - music to promote change

East Africa

Xiquitsi: realizing the dream of music

Kika Materula spent most part of her life studying music abroad. Back in Mozambique, she founded the Xiquitsi project. Its purpose is bringing classical music to disadvantaged children.  

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Ethiopia: Skateboarding for a better future

Kindersoldat in Uganda

Ugandan child soldiers: Rebuilding the broken