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10.2015 Africa on the Move Themenheader

Central Africa

West Africa

Watch video 03:49

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New comic books feature African superheroes

Children's fashion made in Nigeria

Marie-Cécile Zinsou (DW/R.Guézodjè)

Benin: Showcasing African art

Dance school in the sands of Senegal

A Fitness-Revolution in Ghana

Afrika Obama besucht Kenia (Getty Images/AFP/S. Maina)

Saving babies from HIV in Burkina Faso

Videostill - Ivory Coast Cartoons (DW/M. Bölinger)

Bringing animation to Africa

Symbolbild Moderne Sklaverei Menschenhandel Ghana (picture-alliance/dpa/T. Ridley)

Ghana's hidden child slaves

Africa on the Move is a multimedia series documenting the lives of amazing people in Sub-Saharan-Africa. We focus on the change makers who use their energy and skills to lift up their communities and their continent.

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Southern Africa

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Antilope Kudu Kruger National Park (Getty Images/AFP/R.Arangua)

Female rangers fight poaching in Mozambique

New market, traditional skills

Angola: Fighting for press freedom

Thulisile Madonsela: South Africa's Iron Lady

Still DW Sendung Africa on the move

Laughing matters: Comedy in Zimbabwe

AoM Mozambique Mafalala Tours

Exploring Mozambique's history in Mafalala

Young South Africans making cities safer

The Angolan rapper MC Kappa - music to promote change

East Africa

Watch video 03:54

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Broadcasting for the planet

Videostill vom DW Beitrag über Skater in Äthiopien

Ethiopia: Skateboarding for a better future

Solving Africa's food problems

McLoy eine 14-Jahre alt Rapperin aus Uganda Global 3000 DW Eigendreh

Uganda: The News as Rap Music