Three Germans Wounded in London Blasts | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 08.07.2005
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Three Germans Wounded in London Blasts

At least three Germans were among those wounded in the rush-hour bombings in London, federal prosecutors said Friday. A spokeswoman said two women and a man were among the confirmed German victims and that federal prosecutor Kay Nehm had launched an investigation against persons unknown on charges of membership in a terrorist organization. She said Nehm noted the methods and targets of Thursday's rush-hour attacks on underground trains and a bus indicated an Islamic extremist organization was behind the plot. The spokeswoman said Nehm was in close contact with British authorities. The foreign ministry said earlier that at least two Germans were among the some 700 wounded in London but that their injuries were not critical. A spokesman said German authorities were in contact with the victims and their families following the blasts, which killed at least 50. He added that there could be more Germans among the victims because their nationalities had not yet been clarified.