Three German Soliders Injured in Afghanistan Suicide Attack | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 06.08.2008
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Three German Soliders Injured in Afghanistan Suicide Attack

Three members of the NATO-led German forces in Afghanistan were wounded when a bomber detonated his explosives-laden motorbike near their convoy in the north of the country, officials said Wednesday.

German troops in Afghanistan

Germany's 3,500 troops are based in relatively calm northern Afghanistan

The forces had stopped to repair a broken military vehicle in Jarikhushk area in Baghlan Markazi district in northern Baghlan province, when a bomber detonated himself near their convoy, provincial police chief Abdul Rahman SayedKhail told German news agency, DPA.

"The bomber was torn to pieces and three German soldiers were wounded," the police chief said.

A spokesman for the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack. He claimed that 12 foreign soldiers were killed and three of their military jeeps were destroyed in the bombing.

Sharp surge in violence

Around 3,500 German soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan as part of more than 50,000 NATO forces.

German soldiers are based in the northern provinces which are relatively peaceful compared to southern and eastern regions, where a Taliban-led insurgency is on the rise.

Taliban militants, who lost power in a US military invasion in late 2001, have recently heavily relied on the use of suicide and roadside attacks, both tactics widely believed to have been copied from Iraqi insurgents.

Afghanistan has witnessed a sharp surge in Taliban attacks as the weather has become warmer in the border regions of the country neighboring Pakistan where Afghan and western military officials claim that the militants are given safe havens.

More US soldiers were killed in action in the country during the months of May and June, compared to the US military death toll in Iraq.

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