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Thousands protest against Honduran president over claims of corruption

Thousands took to the streets in the Honduran capital demanding President Juan Orlando Hernandez step down, marking the eighth consecutive week of protests. The president is accused of massive corruption.

Wielding torches and banners, thousands of protesters took to the streets of the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa demanding that President Juan Orlando Hernandez step down over allegations of massive corruption.

Two separate marches eventually joined near the presidential palace on Friday night local time, marking the eighth consecutive week of demonstrations.

One protester said on Twitter that he was "proud to be a part of this movement."

A group calling themselves "indignados" - Spanish for "outraged" - have been camping outside the presidential palace, where the marches met.

The protesters chanted "Get out JOH!" referring to the presidents name as an acronym, according to AFP news agency.

President Hernandez admitted that his ruling conservative party accepted more than $90,000 (83,100 euros) in misappropriated social security funds.

However, Honduras' opposition claims that more $300 million have been embezzled from the impoverished country's public health system.

The protesters have also called for the formation of a UN-backed Commission against Impunity - similar that in Guatemala - to investigate widespread corruption among officials and public figures, including President Hernandez.

ls/jlw (AFP, dpa)

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