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The World's Largest Igloo Gets an North Star Rating

The Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland is sculpted each year as a cold, fleeting frozen masterpiece. It's the the perfect getaway to cool off and relax.


Nothing like the cold weather to heat up your releationship

Two hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, the river Torne, flows freely through the unspoiled wilderness. In the summer.

Bildgalerie Iglu-Dörfer Bild 6

Don't leave your drink at the bar or it will freeze

But in the winter, the pure water of the river turns to ice and sculpture artists turn the winter cold into the Ice Hotel. From the beds to the banisters, floor to ceiling, everything is made of ice and snow.

Inside the giant igloo it is minus 6 degrees, but this seems tropical when compared to the outside temperature of minus 20 degrees. But don’t worry about freezing: the hotel provides customers with warm sleeping bags, big fur jackets, boots and hats at check-in.

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