The voice of the revolution speaks from afar | HOME | Yosri Fouda | DW | 24.04.2017
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Yosri Fouda

The voice of the revolution speaks from afar

Yosri Fouda - Where I come from

Yosri Fouda is one of Egypt's most well-known investigative journalists. During the Arab Spring, he thought the country was heading for a progressive revolution. But soon thereafter the tides turned and growing media oppression forced him to leave the country. In order to continue to freely and critically speak about issues important to his region and its people, Yosri came to Germany to be a host at DW. On his weekly talk show The Fifth Estate, Yosri combines in-depth news analysis with investigative reporting that brings audiences in the Arab world an unfiltered and independent perspective on critical issues. Yosri began his career as a BBC reporter and was the London bureau chief for Al-Jazeera. At the Egyptian broadcaster ONTV during the Arab Spring, he was known as the "voice of the revolution."

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