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The Truth About Germany

The Truth About Germany: Techno


Every week our Euromaxx roving reporter sets out to find the Truth About Germany and investigate the clichés about the country and things typically German - techno, for example. The Germans are commonly seen as the inventors of techno. Kraftwerk was a pioneer of this kind of music in the 70s and DJ’s like Sven Väth and Paul van Dyck helped establish techno internationally. The biggest techno party in the world, the Love Parade, is very much made in Germany. First held in Berlin in 1989 with 150 ravers, the 2007 Love Parade boasted 1.2 million visitors and was held in the Ruhr Valley. But why are the Germans so mad on techno? Wigge takes a techno DJ crash course in Frankfurt and gets Techno guru Sven Väth to explain the hype.

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