The Truth About Germany: Multiculturalism | The Truth About Germany | DW | 28.03.2009
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The Truth About Germany

The Truth About Germany: Multiculturalism


In this week's episode, our roving reporter Michael Wigge dispels notions about the stereotypical German by looking at the more than 15 million people living in Germany who hail from a different ethnic background. To get a first-hand look at multiculturalism as experienced in Germany, Wigge goes straight to the capital Berlin which is home to residents from 190 different countries. He meets the German soul, hip-hop and reggae band "Culcha Candela" whose 7 members come from 5 different countries and speak four different languages. He also explores Berlin's working-class neighborhood Wedding where one in three inhabitants are either foreign-born or second-generation immigrants. Here he asks Germans as well as members of the country's largest ethnic minority group, the Turkish community, how much they actually know about one another.

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