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The Patio Festival in Córdoba – Do you grow flowers too?

Córdoba’s Fiesta de los Patios is one of the biggest and most beautiful courtyard festivals in the world. For 12 days, residents open their private “patios” to the public. Tell us about the flowers you grow!

Once a year, the people of Córdoba celebrate the Fiesta de los Patios – private courtyards decorated with colorful bouquets, water features and artistic mosaics. They’re typical of the region and make a great place for Andalusians to unwind.

Do you have somewhere to relax outside? Send us a photo of your garden, courtyard, balcony or terrace. Just fill in the feedback form and upload the picture. Everyone who takes part will receive a photo book of Spanish gardens.

The closing date is 5 May 2016, 24:00 UTC. Judges’ decision is final. Good luck!