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Business & Sales

The new DW - Starting June 22

Dear valued partners,

I would like to introduce some of the exciting new developments that have taken place at Deutsche Welle. On June 22, we launched a new channel and expanded our selection of intriguing and insightful programming in order to deliver more quality news and information demanded by your audiences all over the world.

The new DW channel is the focus of Deutsche Welle’s strategy for the future. The core of the new channel, DW News, is more modern and interactive, with 24 hours of continuous international news coverage in English and an increased focus on social media. The new DW also features interesting new formats, like the debate forum Conflict Zone.

The new DW has taken over for DW (Europe) in providing Europeans with quality journalism, entertaining magazines and insightful documentaries.

Our program for the Arab world has also seen changes. DW (Arabia) is now broadcast 24 hours in Arabic – delivering an exclusive German and European viewpoint on important regional and international issues.

For those who are interested in German programming, we will now be offering DW (Deutsch) – a channel that also includes some of the best programming from German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

In a constantly shifting media landscape, DW has consistently been a dependable source of news and information for people who seek to understand the complexity and diversity of a changing world. With these additions and improvements, DW is connecting even more people with the information they need.

If you want more information about our programming, or want to include DW in your lineup, please don’t hesitate to contact a distribution representative for your region. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Petra Schneider