The most popular Halloween clips on Vimeo | Shift-Ranking | DW | 02.11.2016
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The most popular Halloween clips on Vimeo

Vimeo has got a name as an online platform for films with aesthetic aspirations.

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The most popular Halloween clips on Vimeo

In 5th place: "Stuff that sounds like autumn".This is something for softer souls. It isn't particularly spooky, but it is very sweet,  and it has been treated to 32,000 clicks.

In fourth place: "Surreal Halloween". This animation film illustrates the perils of eating too many Halloween candies. This colourful trip was viewed 34,000 times. The moral of the story: never accept sweets from strangers! 

In third, "The Halloween massacre". This stop-motion clip about the noble art of pumpkin carving got some 58,000 clicks. But it's only likely to have the greengrocer running scared.

In second place: "Pumpkin carving with a difference".
This time with a skull motif. More than 75,000 users have viewed this gruesome creation.

Claiming the top spot: "The Halloween house". Getting into the seasonal groove at home with disco lights and singing pumpkins to boot. The LED show received more than 110,000 clicks. The scariest thing here: the music! 


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