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The media and conflicts around natural resources in Latin America

hosted by Interdisciplinary Latin America Center ILZ, University of Bonn
Wednesday, June 24 / Pumpenhaus

Opposing worldviews between indigenous communities and transnational corporations on the one hand, and corruption within government agencies on the other hand, result in myriad conflicts. For centuries, disputes have erupted over the use of land, water and natural resources, such as oil, natural gas and gold. The natural abundance in many Latin American countries has been one reason for a number of wars ever since the conquest and colonization of the continent. The Amazon region is not only home to a large segment of the world's biodiversity, but also plays an important role for the global climate. Hence, conflicts in the region affect everyone on the planet. This session will focus on the role of the media in exposing corruption, moderating conflicts and raising public awareness around the world.

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