The League: You at the bottom | Archive | DW | 02.02.2009
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The League: You at the bottom

The five Teams from Gladbach, Cottbus, Bielefeld, Karlsruhe and Bochum are struggeling for their survival in the Bundesliga.


Gladbach and Cottbus are two teams that are caught at the bottom of the table.

Who's going down, who's going to feel the bite. We visit the clubs down in the cellar. A road movie on five teams struggling to survive, on the road through Germany- If you listen to the players, then it's clear who's going down...Cottbus and Gladbach say more than half of them. But here again, only three points separate 14th place Bielefeld from Gladbach at the bottom. One win and things start looking rosy again. Cottbus, Gladbach, Karlsruhe, Bochum and Bielefeld. We tell you who's really going down.

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