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The Last Chance to Catch Nazis

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is launching a final campaign to catch aging Nazis and bring them to trial. Here's what DW-WORLD readers said about the initiative.

They should just forget about looking for old Nazis, it seems to be a waste of time and money to prosecute someone who might only do a five or seven year jail sentence. What about prosecuting Ariel Sharon for war crimes against the Palestinians? -- Mark Vega

I am sure that even though many of those who are guilty of war crimes might not have much longer to live, old age is not a justification for avoiding punishment. My father was a Gentile forced laborer deported from Slovenia to Germany and he has just as much chance of living much longer as these criminals do. The question is not "how long?" but rather the quality of their lives. If they are living in any sort of freedom, they do not deserve it. Freedom is a privilege that criminals such as those who killed or imprisoned millions themselves do not deserve. I applaud the Wiesenthal Center for their latest initiative to bring closure to those who suffered under the NS regime in Europe. -- Christopher Sepic, USA

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