The Joys of German. What′s Your Favorite Word?  | Euromaxx | DW | 25.08.2017
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The Joys of German. What's Your Favorite Word? 

We asked you whether you have a favorite German word. As a thank-you, we held a draw for a Scrabble and iPod Shuffle. Here you can find out, if you were the lucky winner. 

The German language may not have a reputation for sounding sweet and soothing. But it does contain many unusual, striking words. We asked you to tell us your favorite word. 
Thanks for the great response!! We drew a name from all the entries. 
And the winner of a Scrabble game and an iPod Shuffle is Karen Bradtke from Funchal form the Island Madeira, Portugal.

She wrote: "My favorite Word is "Schmutzig"! I particulary like it because when I met my husband he told me that "Schmutzig" means "I love you". Yes, I did marry him even I found out the truth."