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Travel Guide

The hidden wonders of Peru

If you ask Gabriel, beautiful landscapes, the cuisine, the friendly people and the tranquility, definitely make his country worth a visit.

Four traditionally dressed women waving from the edge of a straw made settlement.

Traditionally dressed woman in Peru.

Peru is a country in western South America. The capital city is Lima.

I would really like to tell you about my home country and I’m sure when you hear what it’s like, you will want to take a trip there. The first thing I should mention is that Peru has three distinct types of landscape - the coastline, the mountains and the jungle. Each is uniquely beautiful and has its own ecosystem.

A sand beach with sun umbrellas and boats in the background.

On the coast of Peru.

The serene beaches and sandy dunes that line the coast are a really special place to visit. There are always people taking long walks along the shore while others like to go sand boarding, which is like snow boarding but on a sand dune! The climate is warm and pleasant and gives you a feeling of well-being. At the beach you can usually meet interesting people from many different countries. There are also cool beach parties where diverse genres of music are played. All in all it is the perfect place to dance the night away and enjoy life to its fullest.

The mountain landscape in Peru features a different kind of natural beauty. The people who live in the villages and cities in the Peruvian mountains are known for preserving pre-colonial traditions.

zwei Lamas, ein Schaf und eine in traditionellem Gewand gekleideten Frau *** Nur für My DW zu verwenden ***

Traditional life in the Andes.

When visiting here visitors can experience the ancient history of our country first hand, right before their eyes. Andean culture offers a variety of things to admire. You can learn about the lifestyle of the farmers and the different dialects or check out the traditional clothes and entertaining festivals, where there is always a lot of dancing. In many villages, travelers can also appreciate the elaborate architecture which dates back to the age of Spanish conquest in Peru.

Gabriel stands at the head of a trail through the rainforest.

Gabriel is amazed by the unending thickness of the rainforest.

To visit the jungles and mountain forests of Peru is to visit a part of our planet that remains untouched by mass-production and globalization. It is like rediscovering a part of nature that has long been forgotten with the passing of the years. In the thick forest lives a diverse ecosystem of beautiful animals that fill the air with fascinating sounds and songs. Travelers can discover many different kinds of trees and fruited plants when hiking through the thick vegetation. I would recommend taking a boat trip on one of the rivers. During the ride you can experience an unforgettable panorama and the magic of the night under a star lit sky.

Peruvian cooking is also one of the many things that make Peru a worthy travel destination. Our cuisine is exquisite and at the end of the day a traveler will be fuller than a lady’s wardrobe.

Everything that I have just described should be enough to convince you to travel to Peru.
You will be welcomed by nice people with big smiles and a good sense of humor. People here carry less weight on their shoulders and are generally more relaxed than those in industrialized countries. When you are back in your home country, you will surely notice that life in Peru is simpler and less stressful. There aren’t as many rules, formalities and things that have to be done and hopefully you will have learned the meaning of happiness and satisfaction. After your journey here, you will forever remain inspired by my country and the friendly people.

The view of the sunset from a boat.

A Peruvian panorama at sunset during a boot tour.

As you can see my country is extremely diverse. There are so many surprises here waiting for you. I hope that I have been able to make you enthusiastic about visiting this exceptional place. I also hope that with some luck, Peru will become the most popular country in the world.

Sent in by: Gabriel from Peru
Edited by: Jeanette Müller

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