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Global Media Forum

The growth of populism: How to tackle the twist to simple solutions for complex problems in politics?

hosted by Deutsche Welle

Watch video 69:32

Brexit, Trump, Modi. Nationalism and anti-globalization in the form of populism has been emerging across the globe. The public has demonstrated a widespread distrust in the political establishment’s management of globalization by turning away from it. Issues such as xenophobia and wealth inequality are perceived as threats. But the underlying drive behind populism is in fact globalization and the search for simple answers — yes or no — to address complex global issues. Globalization does not come in any given form and the answer to globalization is that there is no simple answer. How can media help dismantle the foundation of populism and make the phenomenon understandable for all?



John Crowley - Managing Editor, EMEA, Newsweek Media Group, UK


Jerzy Pomianowski - Executive Director, European Endowment for Democracy, Belgium

Jaroslaw Kurski - Deputy Editor in Chief, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

Cécile Mégie - Director, Radio France International, France

Jean Asselborn - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luxembourg

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