The Great German Bunny Count | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 05.03.2004
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The Great German Bunny Count

Rabbits are not normally thought of as being in danger of extinction, but according to German animal conservation experts, the country's bunny population is seriously at risk. Urbanization and the spread of large-scale, intensive farming has depleted their natural habitat to the point where rabbits are on Germany's list of endangered species. To get a better picture of the situation, 800 wildlife-watching volunteers will help officials complete a giant national rabbit count in March. The volunteers will count the rabbits they see one hour after nightfall, when they typically come out to feed. "Watchers will each cover a planned route with powerful spotlights to seek out the rabbits. The light reflects off their eyes, making them easily identifiable," said Armin Winter of the German Hunting Protection League. He expects the €100,000 ($122,000) project to show a slight rise in the rabbit population because a mild climate last year helped more baby rabbits to survive.