The Electronic Minister | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 30.11.2001
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The Electronic Minister

Going through German bureaucracy can be a long-winded operation. Electronic access to public service information could be the answer.


Members of the clergy would also prefer to do things online as opposed to inline

e-Government is about bringing administrations closer to citizens and businesses.

Information and Internet technologies could be used more effectively to do just that.

Various governments across Europe have talked about initiatives to provide a better service using Internet technology.

But Germany has been lagging behind in the business of eGovernment. The main problem is the decentralised structure of the administration, the various levels involved, from federal to local and the missing links in-between.

Yet there are many administrative chores that could be done online rather than inline. Like retrieving personal documents, or the registration of a new car. And public services for business, such as registering new companies and customs declarations.

An internet minister would be able to co-ordinate Germany’s efforts to get wired up more effectively and distribute funds more efficiently.

The plans are in the pipeline. Germany should be up to speed on the admin fast-track by 2005.