The #dailychallenge on In Good Shape | In Good Shape - The Health Show | DW | 31.08.2015
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In Good Shape

The #dailychallenge on In Good Shape

Stay fit, healthy and in good shape with our #dailychallenge. In September, we’ll give you a new challenge every day. It’s a great way to give mind and body a boost!

Each challenge stands on its own, so there’s no need to do them all in order. Instead you can pick and choose the challenges that best suit your needs and lifestyle. People with chronic health conditions are advised to consult a doctor first before attempting any new activities.

Day 1: Today’s challenge: doing without sugary drinks – including fruit juices – and drinking water and unsweetened tea instead. Tell us tomorrow whether you managed it.

Day 2: Try to get out of breath at least once day – whether going up stairs, cycling, or a from little walking session. It will stimulate your circulation.

Day 3: A quick relaxation exercise for any time of the day: hold your breath and count silently to five. Breath out gently while letting all your muscles become loose.

Day 4: Try to sleep for at least seven hours.

Day 5: Today is smartphone-detox day. Limit yourself to just one hour per day for checking whether there are any new messages on your phone. If it rings, however, of course you can take the call.

Day 6: Try out a new kind of fruit or vegetable that you’ve never eaten.

Day 7: Today – conditions permitting – spend five minutes in the sun. This will stimulate your Vitamin D production.

Day 8: Today’s challenge: no more calories after evening meal. Chips and chocolate, beer and wine, can cause the day’s energy intake to skyrocket.

Day 9: Take a walk out in nature. Just five minutes in the countryside – or a city park – can help your body and soul to relax.

Day 10: Most of us spend too much time sitting down. Today, try standing up while on the phone.

Day 11: Today’s challenge: no alcohol.

Day 12: Reading is good for the memory (when the story is challenging), and a wonderful way of relaxing. Dig out a good book and start today.

Day 13: Today, make a home-cooked meal yourself with fresh ingredients.

Day 14: Make a note today of what you are grateful for in your life. Positive thinking is healthy!

Day 15: Today’s challenge: eating no meat for a day.

Day 16: Give yourself an oxygen boost: can you manage to spend 15 minutes out in the fresh air?

Day 17: Social relationships boost our health. Give a friend or someone from your family a call today, and ask how they are doing.

Day 18: Today we have an exercise to combat tense shoulders: pull up your shoulders for a few seconds, and then lower. Repeat three times.

Day 19: Try a green smoothie today. Instead of fruit, you puree spinach or lettuce.

Day 20: Select a song that makes you happy and that you can listen to now and again when the stress is getting too much.

Day 21: Train your balance. The simplest exercise: standing on one leg. How long can you stay up?

Day 22: Ever tried a foot bath? Why not today? It stimulates the circulation and also has a relaxing effect. An extra portion of cream keeps your feet nice and moist afterwards.

Day 23: Five portions of fruit and/or vegetable are your challenge for today. They should each be at least as large as your hand.

Day 24: Our challenge for today: spice up your food with something new. Herbs and spices have many health-boosting properties and can help you cut back on salt. That’s a plus, because too much salt may raise your blood pressure.

Day 25: Today's challenge: clean the spaces between your teeth with dental floss. There are spots which even the best toothbrushes can't reach. For some people this may be a real challenge; for others it's just part of their daily routine.

Day 26: Engage in child's play. Whether you go for a swing, jump up and down on a trampoline or make a mud pie in the sandbox, there's nothing like playing to reduce stress and put a smile on your face!

Day 27: Do something for your health and review your immunization status. See what vaccinations you've had and find out whether you're due for a booster shot.

Day 28: Try to watch what you eat. Enjoy every bite of your food and chew it thoroughly. That's because the secret to good digestion begins in your mouth.

Day 29: Give your eyes a break! Look into the distance now and then -- not just at the computer, cell phone or TV. This relaxes tense eye muscles.

Day 30: Your challenge for today: Sing out loud! Whether in the shower or in a choir, singing boosts your immune system, leads to a decrease in stress hormones and lifts your mood. Studies have proved it.