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The Alps from Above

The Alps are one of the great mountain range systems of Europe, and the most accessible. Over the millennia, mankind and nature have interacted to help form this region into what it is today .

12.06.2013 DW IM FOCUS Alpen D

12.06.2013 DW IM FOCUS Alpen D

The Alps stretch across Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France. With peaks of up to 4,800 meters and spanning 1000 kilometers from east to west and 250 kilometers from north to south, the Alps are the highest mountain range system in Europe.

12.06.2013 DW IM FOCUS Alpen E

The Alps from Above: Spectacular aerial shots.

Our five part documentary explores the Alpine region in all its facets and gets to know its inhabitants. A celebration of the area’s fabled mountain mystique, our reports give a bird’s eye view of Europe’s most important cultural landscapes with its fascinating flora and fauna.

Part 5/5 (16.07.2013)
From the Allgäu to the Montafon Valley

In the fifth and final episode, we head from the Allgäu across Lake Constance to the high mountains. In Altstädten the Zeilhubers build organs and in Siebers the artist Max Schmelcher creates works out of peat. Lindau on Lake Constance is home to Germany’s southernmost lighthouse as well as to an opera house with puppets on stage. From here the helicopter heads for Piz Buin, the highest peak in Austria’s Vorarlberg region. Mountain farming still goes on in many parts of Vorarlberg. Near the village of Bartholomäberg, archaeologists have set up camp to research the early settlement of the Montafon Valley.

Broadcasting Times:
Weekly from 18 June to 16 July 2013


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