Terror Threat Sparks Security Row | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 02.01.2004
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Terror Threat Sparks Security Row

A terrorism threat in Hamburg this week that prompted an intense security operation has sparked a row between German Interior Minister Otto Schily and Hamburg state Interior Minister Dirk Nockemann. Schily has criticized local authorities for acting "prematurely" on a warning that Islamic militants were planning an attack. "What I strongly criticize is the fact that confidential leads, that had been gathered by several security authorities, have come out in public," Schily said on Friday and added it would make a successful investigation more difficult. He accused Nockemann of "loquacity". For his part, Nockemann said, "If Schily is seriously criticizing the measures, then I have to ask myself if he’s the right man responsible for security in Germany." Meanwhile police in Norway have arrested Mullah Krekar, the spiritual leader of Islamic militant outfit Ansar al-Islam, suspected of planning car bomb attacks in Hamburg and Frankfurt.