Telekom Exec Resigns due to Toll System Fiasco | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 25.03.2004
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Telekom Exec Resigns due to Toll System Fiasco

Josef Brauner, head of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Com, is resigning as of April 30 from his post. Deutsche Telecom announced on Thursday that Brauner came to the decision on his own, because he felt his name was inextricably linked with the failed road toll system designed by Toll Collect, a consortium of Deutsche Telekom, DaimlerChrysler and a French firm. The high-tech road toll system for heavy trucks was to go into operation last August, but due to technical glitches, is still not working and has cost the government hundreds of millions in lost revenue. Brauner was Deutsche Telekom's negotiator with the German government.