Teacher killed in Swedish school attack | News | DW | 22.10.2015
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Teacher killed in Swedish school attack

A masked man armed with a sword has killed a teacher and injured several other people at a school in southwestern Sweden. Police have confirmed that the assailant has been shot.

A street in Trollhattan (Photo: AFP)

A street in Trollhattan

Swedish police said they shot a masked man with a sword who attacked a school in the Swedish town of Trollhattan on Thursday.

According to Swedish media the assailant killed a teacher and injured at least three other people, including children, at the Kronan school in the small town near Gothenburg.

The school has 400 students, ranging from pre-school to high school.

Police in Trollhattan said the attack occurred in the school's cafe area. They did not disclose any details on the conditions of the attacker or the other injured persons.

The attacker is being treated at a local hospital. According to the police, he is in his 20s and carried several weapons. It is not clear whether he had any connection to the school.

"According to information from the scene there is a lot of confusion at the school. Adults and students are leaving the school hastily," a police statement said.

Trollhattan is an industrial town of about 57,000 inhabitants. It is home to the former Swedish carmaker Saab which filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

das/rc (AP, AFP)

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