Tchaikovsky: ″Francesca da Rimini″ Op. 32 | Beethovenfest | DW | 23.09.2008
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Tchaikovsky: "Francesca da Rimini" Op. 32

Inspired by Dante's "Divine Comedy," Tchaikovsky originally intended to compose an opera but settled on an orchestral version instead.

Percussionist picks up sticks

Each year, Deutsche Welle sponsors a young orchestra's participation in the Beethovenfest

Passionate and picturesque, "Francesca da Rimini" is characterized by the juxtaposition of the light of love and the darkness of the inferno.

Under the direction of Sergei Stadler, the Anton-Rubinstein-Orchestra from the St. Petersburg Conservatory performed the symphony as part of the 2008 Beethovenfest in Bonn.

The young orchestra's concert was made possible by the sponsorship of Deutsche Welle.

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