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Talking Germany

Talking Germany - Walter Möbius, Doctor and Author

Walter Möbius spent decades as head doctor at the Johanniter Hospital in Bonn. One of his patients was former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who became a good friend. Now 77, he's retired but still a keen photographer. On Talking Germany, he talks about the lessons he learned from his years in the medical profession.

Watch video 32:40

Born in Bonn in 1937, Walter Möbius studied medicine and traveled the world as an ameteur photographer and rock climber. From 1978 to 2002, during most of which time Bonn served as the seat of the German government, he was head doctor at the Johanniter Hospital in Bonn, where many politicans were treated. One of them was Helmut Kohl, who became a close friend. Although Möbius retired 12 years ago, he still visits his former workplace on a regular basis and his artwork is exhibited in one of the hospital wards. He believes that hospitals should be pleasant environments, and that if they are comfortable and well cared for, their chances of recovery are greater. He also works on behalf of the Salesians of Don Boscos youth services.