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Talking Germany

Talking Germany - Jens Weidner, Aggression Researcher and Author

Jens Weidner is familiar with aggressive behavior. As a criminologist, he was a therapist to violent adolescents; as a career coach, he advises people who are too nice at work. On “Talking Germany,” Jens Weidner talks about rage, recidivists and rambling on mud flats.

Watch video 37:18

Jens Weidner is Professor for Educational Science and Criminology at the Hamburg School for Applied Sciences, where he has lived and worked since 1995. He's occupied himself with the question of how to harness aggression for more than 30 years. Weidner gained fundamental insights into the power of aggression while working with violent adolescents at the Glen Mills School in Philadelphia. He later co-founded the German Institute for Confrontative Pedagogy. He's convinced that our aggressive instincts can be a positive force and has a second job as a career coach, where he advises people who are too nice at work. Jens Weidner also likes to enjoy life and besides his penchant for fine food he's also a member of The Optimists' Club in Hamburg.