Take Part in the 3D-Quiz on DW-3D! | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 18.12.2002
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Take Part in the 3D-Quiz on DW-3D!

Outer space? Geography? European politics? DW-3D needs your brain power! Visit Deutsche Welle’s three dimensional world at www.dw-3d.de.


DW-3D: Take part in the weekly quiz!

You’re on every Monday at 15:00 MESZ (14:00 UTC). That's when the quiz in DW-3D starts. All you have to do is answer twenty questions. Fastest correct answer gets the point.

The participant with the most points at the end of the month wins a new game called Globopolis! It's a game in which you can create a new world in an imaginary age called AGD: After the Global Disaster.


Globopolis: Tomorrow's World Is Today's Game

It's time to come up with new ideas and strategies to create a whole new world. If you're smart enough to win the quiz, then you're definitely ready for this game.

Register and log-on in advance to prepare for the quiz. Visit our 3D rooms; the Lapidarium, Gallery, Concert Hall and Multimedia Lounge. There's a lot to discover apart from the weekly quiz and the "Deutsche Kaffeestunde". Did you try out Pinelo? Did you try putting together the puzzle or did you have a look at what's on the panels in the gallery?

You can find all this and more at WWW.DW3D.DE! Off we go on our virtual journey!

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