T-Mobile rules out compensation after network failure | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 23.04.2009
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T-Mobile rules out compensation after network failure

Germany's largest mobile phone operator has ruled out paying compensation after an embarrassing outage in its network left millions of customers without service.

A worker cleans the logo of Deutsche Telekom

T-Mobile has yet to assess the number of customers who were left without service

T-Mobile has launched an investigation into the computer failure that brought mobile telephone services, including SMS messaging, to a halt for about three hours on Tuesday.

A company spokeswoman, Marion Kessing, said sabotage was highly unlikely as a cause.

The Bonn-based offshoot of the giant German telecoms group Deutsche Telekom is also attempting to assess how many of its 39.1 million German mobile phone customers were hit by the outage.

However, a T-Mobile spokesman told German press agency dpa on Wednesday that the company was not liable to pay compensation as a result of the breakdown in its network.

But in a gesture of contrition, the company said customers would be allowed to send text messages for free all day this Sunday within Germany.

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