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Switzerland officials call train derailment 'serious'

Emergency workers have been deployed to the site of a train accident in the Swiss Alps canton of Graubuenden. A mudslide caused at least two of its cars to derail.

Swiss media reported on Wednesday that a train had derailed roughly 50 kilometers (31 miles) northwest of the city St. Moritz. It had been travelling from the city of Chur.

The accident was "serious," according to Swiss news agencies ATS and sda.

A mudslide caused part the train to drop off a railway embankment near the town of Tiefencastel.

Shortly after the accident, users on Twitter began retweeting photos circulating through the Swiss media, which had been submitted by readers.

Emergency workers were on the scene, as depicted in the following tweet by the Swiss daily Blick am Abend.

Police officials have declined to comment on the number of injured.

kms/se (AFP, dpa)