Sweet Potato Vindaloo and Vegetable and Herb Pakora with Saffron Risotto. | Vegetarian Dishes | DW | 27.11.2008
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Vegetarian Dishes

Sweet Potato Vindaloo and Vegetable and Herb Pakora with Saffron Risotto.

The menu at London's Vanilla Black vegetarian restaurant is proof that it's possible to have delicious taste sensations without any meat in the dish. Chef Andrew Dargue tells us how to make a great vindaloo.



1 cup mixed vegetables and herbs (mint, sage, tarragon, onions, carrots, courgette)

2tblspoons medium curry paste (eg Pataks)

3 tblspoons chickpea (besan) flour

3 tblspoons extra virgin olive oil

salt, pepper, sugar

Chop herbs and vegetables roughly and add to a mixing bowl.

Add curry paste and mix in flour.

Season with salt, pepper and sugar and add oil.

Allow to stand for 20 minutes and you will see that the mix will change consistency. Adjust by adding more flour or water to create a thick vegetable batter.

With 2 spoons create small mounds and add to hot (180c) sunflower oil till golden and cooked through.


150g Arborio rice

Warm water

½ teaspoon saffron filaments

50ml whipping cream

75g finely chopped onion

Salt and pepper

Add onion to pan and sweat down till soft.

Add rice, stir to coat in oil then add saffron.

Immediately add a little warm water and stir in.

Keep adding water as the mix thickens and cooks.

When the mix is cooked but still thick thin down with cream. Re heat and season with salt and pepper.

Sweet Potato and Vindaloo

2 large orange sweet potatoes

2 red chillies

10 green cardamom pods

150ml distilled vinegar

100g granulated sugar

3tblspns curry paste

In a stainless steel pan add the vinegar, cardamom and chillies and simmer for 5 minutes to infuse.

Meanwhile peel the potatoes. Oil a baking tray and sprinkle on salt, pepper and sugar. Then add the potatoes and make sure they are coated with the mix. Roast for approximately 30 minutes or until soft and caramelised.

Strain the vinegar mix and discard the spices. Add the sugar and paste to the vinegar and simmer till a good coating consistency is achieved. Taste. It should be sharp and spiced. If too sharp add more sugar.


Use 1/3 of a block of creamed coconut and heat with a little milk until a sauce is achieved.

Add risotto to the plate, top with potatoes and pakora, drizzle over the vindaloo sauce and top with coconut sauce.

This dish can be made before hand and re heated as required but make sure properly heated. A vindaloo should not necessarily be hot but rather sharp and fragrant.

27.10.2008 euromaxx a la carte Süßkartoffelvindaloo

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