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Sustainable Development as a tool to combat climate change

At a special meeting on climate change in New Delhi from 10 – 13 November 2003, climate friendly technologies were presented and discussed.


The meeting included a so-called ‘climate change technology bazaar’, attended for example by producers of pollution control equipment and manufacturers petroleum products. In the emerging economies of the world, clean and efficient industries are essential to combat climate change, since such countries have rapidly growing energy demands. On the other hand, emerging economies and least developed countries are already bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change - such as floods, fires and drought – and need the know-how and means to adapt. John Hay talked to Janos Pasztor, Coordinator of the UNFCCC’s Sustainable Development Programme and asked him first about the potential India and other Asian countries have to implement the type of clean technologies presented at the New Delhi climate change technology bazaar.