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Suspect detained after fire at British embassy in The Hague

Dutch police have detained a 32-year old man in relation to a fire which broke out in the British embassy located in The Hague. Nobody was injured in the blaze, according to the fire department.

Police spokesman Yoeri Voogt said the man was taken into custody near the embassy building in the city's


, after early Tuesday.

"The cause of the fire is being investigated," the police said on Twitter.

Investigation into whether the 32-year old man is involved in the incident are conutinuing, according to Voogt, who did not provide further details.

The fire broke out at 7:30 local time (0530 UTC) on Tuesday morning and was extinguished shortly after, according to Dutch media. Nobody was injured, according to the fire department.

Embassy spokesman Alex Lawrence said that the staff was not yet allowed to enter the premises.

dj/kms (AP, Reuters)

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