Styrian Cream of Pumpkin Soup | Vegetarian Dishes | DW | 04.10.2003
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Vegetarian Dishes

Styrian Cream of Pumpkin Soup

The Austrian region Styria is famous for its Pumpkins.


one edible pumpkin (such as a Hokkaido), weighing approximately 1.5 kilograms
one vegetable bouillon cube
one tsp. caraway seeds
one tsp. salt
500 ml water
one carton sour cream (24% fat)
4-5 tsp. pumpkin seed oil
parsley or chives (to taste)
2-3 slices black bread
50 grams butter

Divide the pumpkin into pieces and remove the rind with a sharp knife. Scrape out the seeds and the tough fibers inside the pumpkin with a spoon. Dissolve the bouillon cube in the water. Dice the remaining pumpkin and add it to the broth together with the caraway and salt. Bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes at low heat. Put aside 4-5 tsp. sour cream, add the rest to the soup, and blend it. If the soup is too thick, add a little water. Season and serve in soup bowls. Add one tsp. sour cream, 1 tsp. pumpkin seed oil, and finely chopped parsley or chives to each portion. The soup can also be served with cubes of black bread lightly fried in butter.

You can also dip an entire slice of black bread in pumpkin seed oil and serve it with toasted whole pumpkin seeds. Black bread with fresh pumpkin seed oil is an insiders' tip for Styrian cooking.