Struck on Offensive to Calm Anti-Semitic Army Fears | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 06.11.2003
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Struck on Offensive to Calm Anti-Semitic Army Fears

As former elite KSK Special Forces commander Reinhard Günzel, sacked on Tuesday in Germany’s anti-Semitism scandal, prepares for civilian life, the man who fired him continues to assure Germans that the military is a “democratic” organization. Defense Minister Peter Struck said Wednesday that Günzel’s views were not widespread in the army and stressed that all soldiers were taught about the Nazi past. “Professional soldiers, from privates to generals, are made to ensure the Bundeswehr remains anchored in democracy,” he said. Regular studies of the attitudes of all service personnel are regularly taken, he added. "I am completely convinced that members of the armed forces, and especially the KSK, are firmly rooted in democracy," Struck said at a news conference. "I have no reason to assume the general's views are shared - quite the contrary." He added that an investigation would begin to study the 59-year-old former general’s files for signs of extremist views.

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