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Stockholm bomb threat ends without incident

In Stockholm, a man claiming to wear an explosive device has given himself up to police. The incident had prompted authorities to seal off two large areas of the city for several hours.

A potentially deadly situation in Stockholm ended peacefully on Thursday night, when a man who had threatened to detonate an explosive device turned himself over to police.

The incident took place in the office belonging to human rights group Civil Rights Defenders, located near the offices belonging to Sweden's Moderate Party and its Social Democratic Party. Police said the man in question had expressed "dissatisfaction" with those parties in particular.

"He came out, he showed he wasn't dangerous and he could be detained without drama," police spokesperson Kjell Lindgren said.

"What remains for us is to search the premises to make sure there are no dangerous objects," Lindgren added.

Stockholm police had cordoned off several streets around the city's old town in the vicinity of the human rights office around 2:30p.m. local time (1224 UTC).

kms/ipj (AFP, Reuters)