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Stigmatized - life after Ebola

The Ebola epidemic that broke out in 2014 killed over 11,000 people in west Africa. Thousands more survived the plague and have been cured, but now face prejudice and other consequences. Many have lost their jobs and become social outcasts.

Watch video 12:07

Emmanuel Leno and his family had ebola. They fell ill after the outbreak of the disease in Guinea in 2014. Emmanuel’s parents died. He himself was cured, but nothing is the same now in his life. As the head of his family he has to look after his younger siblings. He lost his job due to having been sick, and finding new work is difficult - because people tend to avoid him out of fear of catching ebola. Emmanuel now has to fight for his future, and against the prejudices surrounding ebola.

Stigmatized - Life after Ebola
Report by Gerlind Vollmer