States Demand Funding Despite Truck Toll Debacle | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 25.02.2004
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States Demand Funding Despite Truck Toll Debacle

Transport ministers from Germany's states called on the federal government to vouch for roadwork they fear may not be fully financed. Revenues expected from a new toll system for heavy trucks was supposed to be channeled into the projects. However, the satellite-driven toll system that was due to start in August 2003 has yet to be introduced. Projects currently underway could only be continued if the federal government ensured they would be paid for, Transport Minister Hans-Artur Bauckhage of Rhineland-Palatinate said. Toll Collect, the consortium between DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Telekom and France's Cofiroute which was commissioned to develop the system, says it could be fully operational in late 2005 at an estimated cost of €6.5 billion ($8.2 billion) in lost revenue for the government. The federal government, however, recently cancelled the contract with the companies.

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