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Spanish politician Isabel Carrasco shot dead

A female politician from Spain's ruling party has been killed in the northern city of Leon. Isabel Carrasco was shot dead in public.

Officials said Carrasco, a provincial politician from Spain's ruling Popular Party, was shot dead in the street on Monday in the northern city of Leon.

"She has died. She was shot several times and she died," a party spokeswoman told the AFP news agency, but did not give further details.

Police said a woman had been detained over the death. Spain's Interior Ministry said the killing did not appear to be politically motivated.

Isabel Carrasco (photo from dpa)

Isabel Carrasco

"Everything points to it being a personal act of vengeance unrelated to her public position," said a ministry spokeswoman.

Carrasco was the head of the Leon provincial council.

The Popular Party and the opposition Socialist party have canceled plans to hold events tied to the European Parliament election campaign, including rallies in which Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and opposition leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba were set to participate.

"The Popular Party expresses its deepest sorrow and announces the suspension of all acts planned for today," it said in a statement.

jr/msh (AFP, dpa)