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Sony warns of battery fire risk in Vaio computers

Sony has warned its customers to stop using its newest laptop computer model because of a risk that the battery could overheat and catch fire. The Japanese electronics maker is considering a recall of the computers.

Sony issued a warning for its new Vaio Fit 11A laptops on Friday, announcing that the computers could overheat and catch fire. The Japanese electronics giant announced that it had sold about 25,900 units of the computer model globally, and has asked customers to stop using the laptops.

"We are asking customers to stop using their PC immediately, unplug the cable and stop using them," Sony announced in the statement, adding that an overheated battery could also damage part of the computer.

Sony's Vaio Fit is a tablet computer that can be turned into a traditional laptop as well. Its lithium-ion batteries are produced by Sony's Japanese rival Panasonic. So far, a total of three computers sold in Hong Kong, China and Japan have caught fire, according to Sony.

The company also announced that it would issue more details, including repair options, over the next week and that it was considering a recall of the model.

uhe/mkg (dpa, AFP)

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