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World Cup 2006

Socceroos Pain Eased With Aussie Win in Beer World Cup

The Socceroos may have been eliminated from the World Cup by Italy but an Adelaide brewer says fans can console themselves with the fact that an Aussie ale has won a "beer world cup" held in Britain.

Coopers Brewery said it won a drink-off organized by British industry magazine Off License News involving, where possible, a representative beer from each of the 32 World Cup nations.

The beers were divided into eight groups of four, corresponding with the tournament's groupings, and judges awarded marks for taste, appearance, balance and drinkability.

In the real World Cup, Italy knocked out Australia in the second round with a controversial stoppage-time penalty but the beer tournament saw a rematch between the two nations in the final.

Australia emerged the winner 4-3, with the judges stating "Not content with winning pretty much every other sporting event from tiddlywinks to Test matches, an Australian -- and an ale of all things -- has only gone and lifted the prestigious beer World Cup."