Ski Touring at its Finest | DW Travel | DW | 25.02.2014
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Ski Touring at its Finest

Ski touring in the mountains is a fascinating way to experience nature. The combination of ascents over constantly changing terrain and beautiful descents down the slopes attracts more fans every year.

The Bavarian Pre-Alps, south of Munich and on the border to Austria, are a popular region for ski touring. The area boasts a large, well-developed network of routes. Mountains such as the Plankenstein, the Rossstein and the Schinder also attract day-trippers, but it's ski tours lasting several days that really reveal the beauty of the mountain scenery. We go along with a group of ski tourers on a high route with powder snow between Lenggries and Bayrischzell.

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The Bavarian Pre-Alps - Ski Touring at Its Finest

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