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Six people arrested in Brussels police operation after attacks: prosecutors

Belgium's news agency has reported that a series of police operations in the capital led to the arrests of six men. The news comes as authorities across Europe remain on high alert.

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Brussels: One man's luck in face of tragedy

The six men were detained on Thursday during the course of a series police operations following Tuesday's attacks.

According to Belgium's Belga news agency, the country's federal prosecutor has confirmed the arrests. Three of the suspects were reportedly detained in front of the prosecutor's office.

The arrests were reportedly in connection with the airport and subway bombings. No other information about the individuals was given.

The news came the same day French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that Paris authorities

had arrested a man planning a major attack.

Europe is on high alert following Tuesday's carnage, which came four months after another major terror attack in Paris. At least one of the attackers in Brussels

had links to the militants in Paris.

blc/jr (AP, Reuters)

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