Sinti and Roma Council Criticizes Discrimination in Germany | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 05.08.2008
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Sinti and Roma Council Criticizes Discrimination in Germany

Germany's Central Council of Sinti and Roma communities released a report in Heidelberg Monday, Aug. 4, criticizing what they see as an unacceptable rate of racist attacks against Sinti and Roma.

Men standing with tents in background and sign that reads rights to remain for Roma

Members of the Sinti and Roma community say they still face discrimination in Germany

The report comes on the heels of calls on Saturday for more effective measures from the European Union to protect minorities.

Representatives from Germany are currently giving an account to a UN commission on racism about state programs and laws combating racism and discrimination in Geneva. These moves, however, have not been enough, said a spokesperson for the Sinti and Roma.

Their parallel report especially laid into police for their handling of some cases.

“Even today, some in the German police system perpetuate discrimination towards minorities like the Sinti and Roma,” the report reads. They pointed out that some police officers use pejorative terms like gypsy and vagrant and other synonyms for suspects when filling out police reports.

Likewise, the council's report highlighted concerns about right-wing groups agitating for racism on the Internet.

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