Single and Loving it in Germany | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 21.07.2004
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Single and Loving it in Germany

Maybe it's the influence of the hugely popular TV series "Sex and the City," which features a quartet of single, fashionable females. Or maybe the large population of single women in Germany has just grown more comfortable with their status. Whatever the reason, most single women say they're doing just fine without a man in their lives. In a Forsa study commissioned by Stern magazine, 81 percent of single women polled said the best thing about being single is that they can do exactly as they please. Almost 70 percent said they enjoyed having more time for themselves, and 56 percent said they liked that they could pick their own vacation destination. And when it comes to hanging around the house, 48 percent said they liked that there was no man around to make their place untidy, while 36 percent love that they aren't forced to watch sports on TV. But when asked about the reasons for their single status, only 36 percent said they were single by choice, while 45 percent admitted they just hadn't found the right partner yet.